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  • New York Times Book Reviews: Perhaps the most respected book review source.
  • National Public Radio's Book Site: Includes reviews, interviews, book discussions, and selected excerpts.
  • IndieBound: This website brings together independent, local booksellers from around the country. The Indie Next list is a great place to read bookstore owners' favorite new titles.
  • Book Page: A monthly review publication that provides free online access to each month's reviews and interviews. The Book Page goal is to "the best books for readers of all types."
  • Nancy Pearl Recommends: Nancy Pearl, author of Book Lust and Book Crush, and former Head Librarian for the Seattle Public Library, reviews and recommends fiction on her excellent website.
  • Kidsreads: This website, recommended by the American Library Association, includes reviews, best of lists, and even book group discussion kits for children. A good all around resource for parents and kids.


  • The Internet Movie Database: IMDb is the largest database of movie information. Includes cast lists, user reviews, and purchasing information.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: This website rates movies based on an average of critic's reviews. A good place to get an overview of a film's critical reception.
  • MRQE: The Movie Review Query Engine literally lists links to movie reviews, and, where available, an overall rating. A great place to access many reviews on films, including classics. 
  • DVD Review: As more and more films are released on DVD and Blu-Ray with various special features and extended or deleted scenes, it is helpful to read reviews of each edition and new release to choose the best. Also a good place to learn when your favorite movie is due out.  
  • Roger Ebert: The only movie critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, Ebert is one of the longest-running and most respected film critics currently writing in America. Read his newest reviews, classic reviews, and be sure to read some of his "Great Movies" reviews.
  • US Conference of Catholic Bishops Movie Reviews: This resource is a good place for parents attempting to determine the suitability for a film or television program for their family. Reviews include a summary, some comments on performance, and an overall rating as conferred by the conference.
  • Christian Spotlight on Entertainment: Another resource for people interested in evaluating movie content with an eye to family appropriateness. Ratings include both notes about any issues of morality and possible objective content, and a review of each film's quality and artistic value.


  • All Music: The premier music review site. Search by album, artist, or song to read reviews, find other music you may like, or to learn more about the genre.
  • National Public Radio's Music Site: Includes reviews, songs, interviews, and more.
  • MetaCritic for Music: Like Rotten Tomatoes does for film, Meta Critic brings together many reviews of a new album or artist to for an average of critical responses. A good place to find and link to a number of reviewers.
  • Zooglobble: A great resource for parents interested in finding good music for their children (that won't drive them crazy, either). Reviewer Stefan Shepherd's reviews of children's music has been featured on NPR and in Wired and Real Simple magazines.


Orem City

58 North State Street // Phone: 801.229.7050
Hours: M-F 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm


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About the City of Orem Library

The Orem Library is open Monday through Friday 9am until 9pm and on Saturdays from 9am until 6pm. We are closed Sundays and Holidays. Click here for a list of observed holidays.

If you need to return books outside of these hours, a 24-hour drive through book and media drop is located on the North side of the Library.

We are located at 58 North State Street in Orem, Utah at the north end of the City Center Complex (on the northeast corner of State and Center Streets). Parking is to the east of the library building and is accessed from 100 North. If you need assistance please call 229-7050.